The project ACTING THINGS by Judith Seng widens perspectives on process design by integrating elements of the performative arts. It stages experiments in order to unveil the aesthetic, energetic and social dimensions of production processes. By looking at production as a dance, a play, a social ritual, ACTING THINGS explores means of making beyond efficiency and result orientation.

The book ACTING THINGS by Judith Seng, designed by Carsten Giese/Studio Regular and published by UDK Publishers, was released in January 2013. It documents the project and the existing experiments ACTING THINGS I - III. Besides detailing the physical works, the publication also presents a discussion between the choreographer Rhys Martin, the musician and improvisation theorist Christopher Dell and the curator Joshua Simon about "Objects and Processes," moderated by Judith Seng. A second text, written by art theorist Johannes Lang, discusses production as aesthetic experience using ecological design as an example; while Thomas Düllo, a cultural scientist, reflects on “Materiality and Interference Art” in regards to Seng’s work.

publisher: UdK Berlin
ISBN: 978-3-89462-235-0
date of issue: Berlin 2013

available at Maison Maria Odelga