ACTING THINGS VII - School of Fluid Measures
Istanbul Design Biennale, Pera Museum
September – November 2018

Politics of Design, Act 1
ACTING THINGS – Black on White is White on Black
Z33 – House for Contemporary Art
August – December 2018


My Canvas by Kvadrat at Somerset House London. Curated by Constance Rubini, Hans Meier-Aichen, Jeffrey Bernett and Njusja de Gier.
September 2017

The Point In Front Is Not The Point In Front Is Not. Exhibition with Yusuke Taninaka at Kyoto Art Centre, Japan.
July/August 2017


Z33 goes Oblique at Atelier Clerici, Milan.
April 2016


Trading places. Designers meet the collection at Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden. With Judith Seng, Mischer’Traxler, Loris & Livia, Daphna Laurens, Dechem, curated by Tulga Beyerle.
June 2014


idea reloaded / lab and lecture at Vienna Design Week, Vienna

this is the house that Jack built / Gallery Helmrinderknecht, Zurich

le feu sacré / CIAV Meisenthal at Gallery Poirel, Nancy

Acting Things IV / seven days performance at Design Miami/Basel, Basel


curator's choice / exhibition at Design Biennale Kortrijk, Belgium

ACTING THINGS III / performance at Amerikahaus, Berlin

edition 01 / Gallery Helmrinderknecht at Vienna Design Week, Vienna

Studio insight, the wonder cabinets of europe / exhibition at Brompton Design District, London

ACTING THINGS / exhibition and performances at Depot Basel during Art Basel

Colline / CIAV Meisenthal / Grand-Hornu, Belgium

Misfits / Gallery Helmrinderknecht at Miklouv Design Festival, Czech Republik

ACTING THINGS I / exhibition Res Publica Res Privata / Kunstverein Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz at L40, Berlin

Colline / CIAV Meisenthal / wanted design, New York

edition 21 / Gallery Helmrinderknecht, Zurich


Totem and Taboo – Complexity and relationships between art and design/ quartier21, Wien

Design Halt Kunst/ Curated by Courtenay Smith and Cornelia Büschbell/ Galerie Neumeister, München

Berlin Happens / with Bless, Mark Braun, Jerszy Seymour, Sarah Illenberger/ Relative Space, Toronto

Berlin Happens / with Bless, Mark Braun, Jerszy Seymour, Sarah Illenberger/ Relative Space, New York


Kronleuchter – Juwelen des Lichts / Museum Bellerive, Zürich

The Workshop / curated by Places and Spaces / Studio Egret West, London

Give and Take / Installation co-developed with Mathilde ter Heijne / Kunsthalle Nürnberg

Design Deutschland / curated by German Design Council / ICFF New York

Totem and Taboo – Complexity and relationships between art and design / Oratorio della Passione, Sant’Ambrogio, Milan.
Works by S. Barbier Bouvet, F. Borkenhagen, M. Gamper, J. Hein, Joerg Hundertpfund, M. Kuttner, M. Meise, M. Sailstorfer, J. Seng, J. Seymour, E. Sottsass, Osko+Deichmann, T. Trouve, J. Wohnseifer.
Curated by E. Agudio, B. El-Asmar, T. von Oppeln, S. Seidl, A. Waldburg in collaboration with Gallery Johann Koenig (Berlin) and Galeria Jean Blancheart (Milan) / www.totemandtaboo.net

Design Deutschland / curated by German Design Council / Spazio Romeo Gigli, Milan

Trifts / Staircase, Berlin


Decor.um / Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin

Vorboten / The Dock, London

Conceptual substance / Appel Gallery, Berlin

JJJ / Joerg Hundertpfund, Judith Seng and Jerszy Seymour at Museum der Dinge, Berlin.

Prophets and Penitents – confessions of a chair / Sant Ambrogio, Milan.
An initiative by Gallery Blancheart, DAMn Magazine, Elena Augudio, Alexandra Waldburg-Wolfegg / www.prophetsandpenitents.com

Nullpunkt. Nieuwe German Gestaltung / curated by Max Borka / MARTa Herford


DMY – asia exhibition tour / Tainan, Taipei, Tokyo and Seoul.

Crossings / group exhibition with Markus Benesch, Ryan Frank, Tobias Rehberger, Richard Woods at Gallery Post Design, Milan


With Love from Berlin / with Claudine Brignot at Tokio Design Week, Tokio

Junges deutsches Design / Gesellschaft fuer Kunst und Gestaltung, Bonn

Best of Designmai 03-06 / Harrods, London

Dreams / Industreal, Milan

Berlin-Milano / Salone Satellite, Milan

Berlin-Milano / during Designmai, Berlin


BtoB / Group exhibition, Brussels

About design. My favourites. / Displaying books, music and chairs favoured by eight designers (Konstantin Grcic, Kirsten Hoppert, Ingo Maurer, Werner Aisslinger, Boge & Frey, Judith Seng, Clemens Weisshaar, Torsten Neeland) at the Tendence lifestyle 05, Frankfurt

Inspired by cologne ´05 / International Furniture Fair Cologne

Anders als immer / Travelling exhibition organized by ifa and curated by Volker Albus for example to Kairo, Alexandria and Beirut.

Young + German / Group exhibition in Berlin (Designmai) and Tokyo

DIM / Tokyo Art Museum

Cabinetextilight / Exhibition with Claudine Brignot and Peter Hils during Designmai in Berlin


New Perspectives / Exhibition at the gallery Raumcollage in Bielefeld

7 + 7 / Exhibition showing each 7 designers from New York and Berlin in the MOMA Shop and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin (Berlin: Becker,Scheller, Seng, Bless, urban speed, Murken, Hansen, Vogt + Weizenegger, Wunschforscher, Nana Yuriko. New York: Harry Allen, Constantin Boym, Stephen Burks, Leon Ransmeier, Karim Rashid, David Weeks, Tobi Wong)

Inspired by cologne ´04 / International furniture fair cologne

Spin off / Group exhibition at the Museum for Applied Arts Cologne


Neue deutsche Welle / Group exhibition at gallery Einzigart in Zuerich

Dressing - clothing for chairs / Exhibition and hosting of the "24-hour exhibition: Richard Hutten" for the first Designmai in Berlin, Gallery Traxdorf

Wickergames / Group exhibition at Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium


European way(s) of life / Group exhibition at Caroussel du Louvre/Paris

European way(s) of life / Group exhibition at Design Gallery of the Art Center in Seoul, South Korea


Color wanted! / Group exhibition Designtransfer Gallery in Berlin

Talents / Special show at Tendence ´01/ Frankfurt


DIM / Galeria Massimo di Carlo in Milan, Italy

DIM / verzameld werk in Gent, Belgium