The Design Reaktor Berlin was a multi-disciplinary and hands-on research project of the Berlin University of the Arts. Using Berlin as an example, the aim was to encourage innovative cooperation between 52 small businesses, more than 80 creatives and various experts with an eye on investigating strategies for post-industrial locations. By linking different environments and cultures as well as skills, materials and technologies, over 50 diverse prototypes were developed, some of which have been patented and brought to market. A publication documents the processes and results and reflects on the emerging potential of the practical research approach. The project was sponsored by the Berlin Government with EFRE monies from the European Development Fund.

Project Managment: Prof. Axel Kufus (concept and management), Judith Seng (design and process development, concept/editorial office for the publication), Marc Piesbergen (coordination),
Joachim Schirrmacher (design management)

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