The Imaginary Manufactory (DIM) was integrated for over one year into the Institute of the Blind and Handicapped in Berlin where brushes, brooms and baskets have been produced for over a hundred years. By means of close observations of and experimentation with the production process and the individual capabilities of the workers, a new product line, package design and regularly changing shop exhibitions were developed.

Hand-made brushes consist of two wooden pieces, the bottom and the lid. Narziss replaces the lid by adding a mirror.

B-Board is a broom which keeps the environment tidy in its own way.

Hillock is part of a family of garden furniture.

Project team: Vogt + Weizenegger (Initiator), Veronika Becker, Johannes Klein, Peter Hils, Nils Engelbrecht
Year: 1998-1999
Material: Wood, horsehair, mirror, wicker, paint
Collection: B-Board is part of FNAC (Fonds National d´art Contemporain), Puteaux
Client: Blindenanstalt Berlin