A major interest was to generate concepts by observing the whole work process of glass production, focusing for example on errors like air bubbles in glass production.

Random air bubbles within the glass are mixed with a few fine engravings on the surface.

CIAV launches a new edition of Christmas tree ornaments every year. The concept of using random air bubbles as a starting point for design was applied to these objects as well. Instead of a fixed design, the artisans received a depicted set of instructions of how to develop their engravings according to the random bubbles found on each ornament. Thus, the artisan plays an active role in designing the object and - by relating the design to the random arrangement of air bubbles - every ornament becomes unique. Starlette was acquisioned by the Fond National d´Art Contemporain. Edition

Quality inspection generates 70% of the waste in glass production as well as a unique variety of drawings that mark the errors on the glass. These marks were overwritten by cuts or engravings and were coated with gold.

The base of a round bowl is deformed to create a little hillock inside on which designs, both inside and outside, can be engraved. Edition

All designs were developed within several one-week workshops to explore traditional glass decoration techniques at the glass research centre CIAV Meisenthal in France.

Cooperation: Alex Valder
Year: 2007
Material: glass, mouth blown and hand engraved
Client: CIAV Meisenthal