grund_schule der Künste is a laboratory at the University of the Arts Berlin for experimentation and research of new approaches for aesthetic education for/with young school children. In close collaboration with the laboratories scientific approach we designed three different spaces: one space serves as an office space including kitchen and children drawings archive. Another room will be used as an atelier space to work with materials while the third room is a studio space for spatial and performative practices including a changing room. The fourth room - a children's book library - was designed by Olafur Eliasson.
The overall approach was to regard the spatial design itself as a teacher in aesthetic experience, therefore a lot of attention was payed to details and material contrasts. Nevertheless the design avoids to fulfil stereotypical playful surroundings but instead provides a structure that enables and demands a wide variety of usages and interpretations.
The grund_schule der künste is under patronage of cultural state minister Monika Grütters.

Year: 2015
Client: grund_schule der künste, Prof. Kirsten Winderlich
Team: Ferdinand Pechmann, Alex Valder
Images: Wolfgang Stahr