Together with Alex Valder Judith Seng explores the high number of factory seconds (70%) as taboos within productions in cooperation with the vienna based glas manufactory Lobmeyr. In order to reveal a different quality which demands an independent evaluation beyond common standards 12 objects were reassembled out of high quality waste glasses.

The objects were first shown in the context of the Exhibition Totem & Taboo. Complexity and relationships between art and design at freiraum 21 at Museumsquartier Vienna.

The exhibition Totem and Taboo examines the relationship between art and design. It features works by contemporary designers and artists who work on the frontiers and crossovers of their respective disciplines. Totem and Taboo views art as a relative of design. The eponymous collection of essays by Sigmund Freud defines totem as an object representing an absent relative. Taboo stands for the fear of incest, or excessive closeness among family members. Curators Elena Agudio, Bessaam El–Asmar, Tido von Oppeln, and Alexandra Waldburg-Wolfegg referred to Freud’s text as a model to describe the relationship between design and art.

Year: 2011
Material: 100% factory seconds glasses by Lobmeyr
Cooperation: Alex Valder